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Frequently Asked Questions?

We have a test package and an official package, you can purchase a test package to test all types of IPs.

Residential IPs have higher weight and higher IP quality.

The DataCenter IP is often referred to as the server IP. The network speed is faster, but the IP weight is not high, and it is easy to be banned.

Mobile Residential IP is 3G/4G/5G IP, with the highest weight and the highest IP quality.

The upgrade protocol of IPv4 is not yet widely used in the world, but some APPs and platforms already support IPv6, and the use of IPv6 has better results. However, most platforms do not yet support IPv6, so please judge before purchasing.

Rotating IP is billed according to traffic, and the traffic calculation method is: uplink + downlink, which is generally understood as the sum of uploaded traffic plus downloaded traffic, and the traffic does not limit the usage time; static IP is charged according to the IP unit price.

We update the IP pool every week, and each update is about several million IPs, which is impossible for other IP providers in the industry. At the same time, we will also control the types of different business customers of each IP, and the intelligent filtering system will ensure that customers of the same business will not share the same batch of IPs.

Rotating IP: Rotating IP cannot be fixed for a long time, each IP has a certain survival time, and it will be automatically replaced with a new IP address after expiration. For example, the IP survives for three minutes, and after three minutes, it will be automatically replaced with a new IP address.

Static IP: In theory, the IP address can remain unchanged for a long time and will not be replaced by itself. If you choose an IP with a duration of one month, the IP will remain unchanged for one month.

We have self-built network nodes and self-built computer rooms. The IP pool is updated every week, the IP has better weight and quality, and the professional team guarantees 99.99% availability of the system.

SKY-IP Video Introduction and Tutorial.

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