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Self-Operated server datacenter all over the world

Data Center IP (ie computer room IP) is a machine-generated IP provided by the data center network, which is usually used for large-scale crawling of non-complex target websites. The IP of the computer room is generated by the machine and is fixed.

The Data Center network consists of more than 11 million IPs of 5320(C) subnets in over 110 countries. Since the IP of the computer room is generated by the machine and is fixed, the possibility of being detected is relatively high. But the price is cheap, so it mainly depends on what your use is.

For commercial data capture, if the budget is not very abundant, and there are not too many requirements for IP overseas countries, the number of IPs is not too much. We have opened the cheapest package of 11 million IPs in the data center, especially for basic crawler users. The 11 million IPs are all fixed IPs in the data center room, which can be switched freely within the 11 million IPs. The 11 million IPs that have been allocated include 200 countries in the world.

API High Concurrent Calls

Support API high concurrent calls, use multi-threading, high concurrent use, and quickly get what you want. For example, if you have 100 machines, one machine opens 100 threads.