9000,0000+ network nodes

Self-built nodes, covering five continents, 200+ countries, 45,000+ cities Real-time monitoring of the running status of each node

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HTTP/HTTPS/Socks5 protocol

Low packet loss rate, low latency, real Socks version, smooth network experience

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7*24 technical support

Professional technical team, 7*24 technical support, escort customer system stability

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proxy availability > 99.99%

Guaranteed availability per IP

Our system will automatically monitor the availability and real-time performance of each data center proxy/dynamic residential proxy/static residential proxy/mobile residential proxy/IPv6, and the system will automatically remove the dropped network nodes from the proxy pool to fully guarantee Every proxy assigned to a customer is available

Ping < 100

Ping<100 per proxy, the network runs smoothly

System stability > 99%

3 years of operation, system stability > 99%

Support multiple ways to access

Quick access in 5 minutes

The access method is very simple, simple configuration to access Code/Android/IOS/Widnows

One time access, no need to change

The system has been running stably for 3+ years, no need to worry about system changes, configuration, etc.

Support API access
Get massive proxy each time.

Whitelist/Account Password Access Method

The proxy duration/region/protocol/country/number of IPs can be selected flexibly, and a maximum of 20000+ IPs can be extracted at a time

Applicable to crawlers to crawl public data in batches.

Support software/script flexible configuration to extract URL

Bandwidth/IP pool can be customized for high-traffic enterprise users

Various proxy types

We can provide any proxy type you want